Motherhood is beautiful.

Here you will find resources and insight on this wonderful part of your life. Tips, tricks, and ideas to get the most out of your journey as Momma.

What Kind of Mother Do You Want to Be?

What kind of momma do you want to be?

If your answers to both of these questions are different, then you're in the right place. Let's talk about where you want to be and your starting point. Then we will begin the journey, but tackle it knowing that the journey should be a part of the joy as well.

silhouette photo of woman and girl on shoreline
silhouette photo of woman and girl on shoreline

Sometimes, Doing the Hard Work Is Taking the Easy Way

When our babies are little, it is so easy to begin thinking in terms of ‘when they can walk’, ‘when they are potty trained, or ‘when we all sleep through the night’. In the blink of an eye, we spend years in this limbo talk only to wake up and realize the precious moments with our toddler have become golden afternoons with our kindergartner.

Many people are quick to give advice that it is okay to have a messy house and laundry that’s perpetually in piles- as long as you are enjoying your kids while they are young. That advice surely comes from a loving place, but for some women who often describe themselves as type a, and who constantly seek routine because they thrive off structure and normalcy, the last thing they need is to live in a messy environment.

And that’s okay too.

One of the turning points for me when my first baby was still little, was realizing that it was just fine to spend time doing laundry and housekeeping. If my house was littered with toys and discarded socks in the living room, then I had a hard time feeling like my life was under control. That may sound dramatic, but so much of motherhood with that first baby is total chaos, so that bag of animal crackers that spilled onto the couch and got left there during nap time was just enough to stress me out.

The funny thing was, I could handle appointments and a packed schedule like a pro. My newborn and toddler would be dressed and clean and on time for all their appointments. I could work nap schedules around my obligations for work like it was a walk in the park. But a messy house? Nope, that I could not handle. I spent a year or two trying to tell myself that I needed to give it up and be fine with mess and not be tidying.

white textile on blue plastic laundry basket
white textile on blue plastic laundry basket

Then I realized something: I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy the process, and I love the end result.

And the truly life-altering realization: My kids love it too.

They thrive more in an organized environment. They help put things away. They are more relaxed in a tidy living room, and appear overstimulated and unsettled in a house where there are toys scattered and clutter in living spaces. It turns out they take after me in more than just their looks.

There will always be people giving advice. We don’t need to take all the advice. We can simply say “thank you” and discard the suggestions completely, or dissect it and use only what works for us. Build our own, customized guidelines for our lives that help us and our babies thrive.

smiling woman in white dress holding toddler
smiling woman in white dress holding toddler